Our goal is to create an environment of positive impact by providing a service that is friendly to our world.



Educating the consumer on the environmental impact of urban runoff, illicit discharges and airborne disease present in garbage containers, the effect on chemistry changes to these water systems and their related ecosystem,most people don’t know these facts.

Waste water from driveways gets carried to gutters and storm drains ending up in lakes, streams and waterways untreated.
Anything that pollutes water along its course is considered an illicit discharge and violates the “Clean Water Act” and “Safe drinking water Act”. Illicit discharges can include car washing or even washing your garbage container.
Our company would provide a service that would provide a multi layer solution to the current water pollution problem.
The EPA has given local governments 5 years to educate and put in place  “Best Water Management” to reduce illicit discharges.
Cleaning garbage containers with sanitizing solutions and reclaiming the contaminated waters  would help municipalities meet their EPA requirement by reducing pollutes in storm drains and gutters, while lowing their treatment costs.

Our company strategy targets suburban markets and multi units that have strong demographic growth trends.
A large market is open to our service, which at this point in time have no market boundaries. We seek to enter small urban markets and target markets where we can provide services under exclusive arrangements, or markets where we can be integrated and attain high market share.
We understand the market, the philosophy and the unique needs of the customers we serve whether they be commercial accounts, or individual subscribers we will us the philosophy of the customer comes first.