Get that Dirty Job done!!

Cleaning your garbage can is a dirty chore.
 If the smell doesn't knock you off your feet than the crawly creatures and unknown junk at the bottom will!

We will take care if it for you, our automated Peterbilt truck will come to your house the same day as the garbage service truck! Just leave your can out that day and it will be cleaned and sanitized.

 It’s just that simple!


Did you know?

  • A single germ breeding in your garbage can multiply 281 trillion times in a 24 hour period!!
  • Files, rats, mice, cockroaches are attached to your dirty can.
  • Ecoli-Salmonella- Bacteria-Air born germs are present in your garbage can.
  • If you wash your can in your driveway and let the water flow in the storm drain all the bacteria, germs, solids, oils, chemicals go into our lakes, streams and oceans untreated!
  • Help yourself and help the environment.!!






We Take The Dirty Out !

The Sanitizer's high pressure washing system
uses hot water, biodegradable soap, with a sanitizing 
solution. The contaminated water is moved to tanks 
inside the truck and will be reclaimed and reused. 
This keeps all that dirty water out of your storm drain, 
rivers,lakes and oceans. Imagine everyone cleaning 
their garbage can at once, all that pollution is headed right 
for your river, this effects out health and the health 
of our aquatic life. Storm drain water is not treated 
and goes straight to the river with will eventually 
ends up in our oceans. 

Our Water is not a renewable resource!